About Active Group

A Leading Provider of Support Services
Multi‑disciplined. Multi‑Jurisdictional

The Active Group provides professional, independent outsourcing support services to small, medium and large entities.

Support services range from:

Since inception in 2001, Active’s expertise has evolved in various jurisdictions, including Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, Malta and, most recently, Cyprus. Active currently has staff based in Guernsey, Malta and Cyprus, with associates “on the ground” in the Isle of Man. Due to their close proximity and similarity of legislation, clients in Jersey are supported by staff based in Guernsey.

The success of Active’s support service has been based on the expertise of our partners and staff in the ever evolving world of financial regulation and the demands and expectations of local regulators (generally following familiar and common themes). Active Group is regularly chosen to operate alongside some of the most respected international firms.

Active Group provide client‑focused services, with the sole objective of delivering practical business solutions. Our position as the preferred provider of outsourcing support services is widely acknowledged by our clients.