Compliance Support in Malta


If your business is struggling with compliance, you aren’t alone. With all the changes introduced in the EU, it is…

Regulatory Compliance Services and Consulting firm in Malta


Since the development of the EU, financial institutions, and businesses all over Europe have changed the way they operate their…

MiFID Compliance Support Malta


As part of the EU’s ongoing efforts to bring the continent’s financial professionals into uniform compliance, there has been a…

GDPR Support and Training in Malta


With the introduction of the European Union (EU) came a number of regulatory challenges. With several different countries operating under…

Compliance Officer Malta


Every practicing Alternative Investment Fund business is required to appoint a Compliance Officer. This Compliance Officer is responsible for being…

Compliance Monitoring Malta


The regulatory environment in the EU has changed significantly in the past few years, and more change is on the…

AML Training Malta


Money Laundering is one of the most scrutinised financial issues in the EU, and it is essential that all AiF…

AML Reviews Malta


The Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive was first introduced to the EU in 2015 and brought sweeping changes to the financial…

AiFMD Compliance Support in Malta


What is the AiFMD? The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AiFMD) is a directive that applies to all hedge funds,…

Doug Mackay appears on Countdown on 6 April 2018


One of the Directors of Active Group appeared on Countdown on Friday and made the team very proud !